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Welcome to Merlin Mobiles

Welcome to Merlin Mobiles Limited.

Merlin Mobiles are an established communications company offering a wide selection of high quality mobile and wireless data products to the SME business sector.

At Merlin Mobiles we offer a free of charge consultancy service for all our clients providing professional, friendly advice on cost savings, mobile phones and bespoke tariffs tailored for the needs of your business.

Being independent consultants we deal with all five of the mobile phone networks making sure that the best solution for your business is never far away and because we deal with major manufacturers and suppliers this allows you the widest choice of services & equipment.

Integrity & Trust At Merlin Mobiles, honesty, trust, integrity and dedication are the values we believe in and this is reflected in our service that we offer our clients. Businesses need professional companies to deal with as there are so many promises made to companies just like yours everyday by more unscrupulous individuals that are not fulfilled. Usually, these people are never seen again or ‘the sales rep has left the company’ leaving you disappointed and more importantly tied into a mobile contract and left out of pocket with absolutely no legal comeback whatsoever. Sound familiar?

Thankfully, businesses now have protection from Ofcom in the guise of General Condition 23, and this is designed to look after the mobile phone customer and ensure that the mobile phone networks as well as the independent dealers fulfill their contractual obligations.

Our excellent attitude towards our customers ensures that they stay content throughout the duration of their contract and this has proven to make client retention easier because of the hard work we put in during the course of your contract. Proactive tariff reviews are also essential and designed to keep the running costs of our clients’ mobile fleet down and allow their business to make savings year after year.

Why Not Go Direct to the Network?

Each mobile phone network will recommend their best solution whereas Merlin will recommend the right solution based on the needs of your business as each network can only offer what they have available. Merlin will search them all to give you the perfect business package and you won’t pay a penny more than if you went direct to the network. In addition to this, Merlin Mobiles will visit you at your offices and carry out the necessary work to find the right package for your business regardless of handset size, absolutely free!


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Handsets are changing so quickly and mobile businesses that aren’t switched on to these new developments will get left behind as technology in communications advances.


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Merlin Mobiles offer a full range of hands free solutions to ensure that your external workforce can stay in touch safely and legally. With all corporate contracts Merlin provides a Bluetooth headset, charger and holder for the user’s handset as a matter of courtesy. If you require a hardware solution that’s more permanent then a fully installed Bluetooth hands free system supplied and fitted by Merlin would be ideal.



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At Merlin, we use the latest PDA’s, Blackberry, Broadband and 3G Modem technologies to allow us to demonstrate and recommend the right hardware solutions for your business.