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Our excellent attitude towards our customers ensures that they stay content throughout the duration of their contract and this has proven to make client retention easier because of the hard work we put in during the course of your contract. Proactive tariff reviews are also essential and designed to keep the running costs of our clients’ mobile fleet down and allow their business to make savings year after year.

Customer care is Merlin’s top priority because if you aren’t content then neither are we. This is why we make ourselves available to offer help and advice 7 days a week should you need it, as we all know, problems can arise anytime not just Monday to Friday!

When analysing your cellular fleet, whether you have two handsets or one hundred and two we always take into account and review the same principles. The key points we analyse are highlighted below.
Line Rental Charges
Landline Charges
Call Usage (Who do your users call? In-Group, International, Cross Network, Landlines)
Data Usage (How many texts & MMS sent and how many Mb’s of data used?) 
Mobile Users (Do we need to reduce or increase the number of handsets?)
Mobile Device Insurance
Hardware, what type of handsets would best suit the needs of the business?

All these points must be considered before a suitable tariff can be selected for your business and we at Merlin Mobiles ensure you are looked after from the very start and all through our business relationship.


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